First ever market stand!

Cuba St in Wellington, NZ is quite well known as one of the funkiest and quirkiest streets in the city. One of the biggest and most fun days in the Capital is the Cuba St Carnival which gets bigger every year! One of the stars of Cuba st is Mighty Mighty, which is one of those places that sums up Cuba st and NZ without even trying.

Once a month Mighty Mighty dedicate half of the floor space to have a market, which I have picked up some very nice little treasures! After having a lovely chat with the organisers last time I was there, I thought it would be fun to have stall and sell slices of pie :) This means I will get to make a few new pie ideas from my notebook (which has now surpassed the 40 ideas mark) but also to remake a few favourites! So on the 5th of September I will be at the Mighty Mighty Market seeing if anyone wants to buy a slice or two of pie...
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