How to Turn Failed Tart into Cookies

I heard once that you can't consider yourself a proper baker until you've failed. As so much of my baking is experimental, failures happen more often then I would like. Most of the time everything is ok, still edible - just needed a dash more of this and a bit less of that - I'll know for next time, and always tweak recipes before I post them.

However, sometime things go bad, they just fail - no way to recover and they are not enjoyable to eat. This was the case when I found myself with a large chocolate mousse tart (that I had made so many times before without fail!) The eggs weren't large enough and the chocolate had a different composition to what I usually use. The result was a very dense (solid) chocolate tart. A tiny slice was eaten, and was far too heavy. I have had failures before, and discreetly crushed the pie up in a bowl added a bit of this and that and voila - cookies!

I thought as I may not be the only one with failed pies, and other baking; It might be nice to show how to turn failed, or mediocre baking into fabulous cookies!

Now as the size and texture of the failed baking will vary you will need to use a bit of interpretation with the quantities below

1 x Failed Baking, crushed/broken up/blended
~100g Butter, melted (depends on how much butter is in the failed baking)
~1C Raw Sugar (depending how sweet failed baking is)
~2x Eggs (more of less depending on quantity of failed baking)
~3C Oats (more of less depending on quantity and consistency of failed baking)
~1C Flour (essential for failed baking without much flour, chocolate tart etc)

Dried fruit
Citrus Zest
Cinnamon - other spices

Cream butter and sugar, then add eggs - add to failed baking. Then add the oats and flour, one at a time, you want to keep an eye on the consistency and texture of the mix; You want to end up with a texture that will clump together.
Once mix forms clumps add optional ingredients.

Shape into balls and place on a tray.
Bake for ~20min at 180C

Enjoy with a glint in your eye in the knowledge that you have made something lovely out of something not so lovely!

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